Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Rates range between $100-$250/hour for daytime photography and between $550-$650  for a dusk/twilight photography.

The rates include the required editing, post-production and standard Marketing Use  package based on the final number of photos.

Here is an example estimate per project type:


Small retail property,

A small retail property might not need interior shots at all if the point is to highlight  the property’s location and context in the neighborhood, amenities like parking and landscaping, general level of perceived

value, etc.

Photographer’s Fee: $680 (includes pre-planning, scouting, one partial day of

exteriors-  only photography, and standard Marketing Use package).

Digital Production Charges: $260 (includes final high-rez file prep and delivery of up  to 5   final high-rez files; plus an image library of every image photographed.  (after edit) as un-retouched, screen-resolution jpegs suitable for most  on-screen uses)

Other Production Charges: $35 (includes expendables charge, mileage, etc.). 

TOTAL estimate: $975, including standard Marketing Usage package.