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2019 is predicted to be yet another buyer’s year - Give your listings a stand-out look

High quality real-estate photography will grow your Volume, Revenue and Reputation

How many times do you hear your clients: wow, this looks completely different than in pictures! Whether their tone is surprised or disappointed that is never a good sign.

If they are pleasantly surprised, think of how many buyers had skipped on your listing! This means longer list times and fewer offers which turn into less commission.

If they are disappointed, you may see a high showings rate but delayed offers. It will be very hard to overcome the obstacle of disappointment no matter the other benefits of the property.

Dallas is a high relocation market. New comers will ask co-workers for areas and will research online but it will ultimately come down to how the property looks. Unless they have family or close friends, most areas in Dallas will rank equally in the buyer’s mind. 

All of these impact your business in a critical way as according to the National Association of Realtors, 9 out of 10 home buyers today use the Internet as their primary research source. This means listings have to be extremely photo-driven in order to get the attention of a prospective buyer in the digital age. Furthermore, the most untrained eye will start asking for image quality just purely based on imagery we find on social networks and other digital platforms on a daily basis. Looking at your current listings, how many images do you have that will make an impact on social media? How many likes, shares and impressions will you generate? Social media is the most cost efficient way to target your ideal clients.

Investment in high quality imagery can not only make your property stand out but also impact your personal brand, which in turn will bring back business.

By way of example, here are 2 images of a property that was shared on social media prior to it’s listing going live. The photos got a cumulative 300+ likes on social media and received offers within 24hr of being on MLS.

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